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Mother & Child

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Bekelech was a mother with a baby sitting just outside the Mekane Yesus Seminary(where I used to be on the teaching staff) gate, and begging. One day I couldn’t pass her by as usal, I stopped because I was angry at her for keeping that innocent baby in a scorching sun out in the street. After asking my top down questions, I was touched, and sat down beside her to listen to her full story. “ I was working in a certain people’s house, the owner of the house raped me, I got pregnant, when the entire family saw that I was pregnant they chased me out of their house. No one wanted to employ me as I was pregnant, I had to beg to survive”

After listening to her, I got angry at the man, at the family and at the social system who couldn’t give her justice. I connected her with an agency who was supporting mothers and children, but she died after two months, her child was given for adoption to Norwegian family, from the street of Addis now living in Norway.

Yene Wolteji

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