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Bridging dedicated people and organizations to the marginalized for individual and community transformation.

What We Do


Serving the Homeless

Bridging Initiatives International (BII) provides street-based outreach, service navigation, basic needs, and interim housing through motel vouchers and rental assistance for people experiencing homelessness.


Current Activities

We conduct regular outreach events in downtown Sacramento​ and help to meet basic needs by providing food, water, warm clothes, blankets, and hygiene products as well as motel vouchers and rent assistance for those in transition to other services.


Future Plans

We are excited to announce that we have rented a house to be able to start a shelter for emergency housing! Please consider donating to support us with this exciting new step!

We believe in empowering women and young people who are struggling to survive because of poverty and destitution. We also plan to develop skill training for the needy in Africa.

Our Objectives

  • Bridging the gap between the homeless and the services available for them through collaboration and networking.

  • Promote micro-enterprise development where the culture and the needs are appealing.

  • Mobilize and organize marginalized people for training and economic empowerment through skills training and resource sharing.

  • Bridging and networking to build the capacity of community based organizations to address poverty and the need of disadvantaged individuals

  • Engage  the church  to integrate faith with work through the theology of work

  • Mobilize volunteers to work with homeless communities, schools, local agencies and health institutions in order to bring holistic transformation.

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