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Bridging dedicated people and organizations to the marginalized for individual and community transformation.

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What We Do

Serving the Homeless

Bridging Initiatives International is engaged in homeless outreach ministry in the Sacramento area by providing counseling and connecting homeless individuals to services available for them. Some of the assistance we provide include clothes, blankets, toiletries, and food items. We also provide motel vouchers and pay for accommodation for homeless people who are ready to take the next steps to move forward.

In partnership with Mercy Holistic shower services, we work to give all-rounded services. Whenever the homeless come for the shower services, we take time to listen to their stories, recognize their needs, provide counseling, prayer, and meet their needs. The desire is to empower the homeless to get off the streets, gain stability and sustainable livelihood.  In our past encounters with the homeless, we realized that most people are ready to take the next step in their lives and would like to end their homelessness situation.

Counseling and Training

BII is helping orphans and children who are suffering with poverty, with school materials and other needs. Last year 20 children got support in this way.  

We are also planning to start skill training for the youth affected by civil war in Ethiopia. We hope that this will bring positive thinking and reconciliation as well.

Supporting Ministries

Volunteer ministers do not have stable support and struggling to meet their family’s basic needs. We encourage evangelists and ministers who are already called to go out in the villages to preach and teach. There are a lot of places that are remote and unreached. They needed to hear the good news, to be encouraged, to work hard, and work in unity. For these holistic activities, we support evangelists and their families. We have 10 evangelists connected to this ministry.

In addition, we support orphans and destitute children with school materials and other needs to help them get an education.

Our Objectives

  • Bridging the gap between the homeless and the services available for them through collaboration and networking.

  • Promote micro-enterprise development where the culture and the needs are appealing.

  • Mobilize and organize marginalized people for training and economic empowerment through skills training and resource sharing.

  • Bridging and networking to build the capacity of community based organizations and churches to address poverty and the need of disadvantaged individuals

  • Engage  the church  to integrate faith with work through the theology of work

  • Mobilize volunteers to work with communities, schools, churches, and health institutions in order to bring holistic transformation.

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