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This ministry was born from the passion and learned experience from working with the disadvantaged people, women with children affected by poverty, and the homeless people whom the system, the social safety net, and life encounter throw out of the conventional structure.

Many of them are born into it and the cycle goes on and on as it is hard to get out of it without a strong support system. Some are in it because of the trauma of hurt and abuse, resulting in mental health and unhealthy coping skills.

They are known by the society in their collective names as the homeless, poor, outcast, marginalized, abused, and disadvantaged group. They have no name or identity by the conventional culture and system.

The effort of Bridging Initiatives International is to recognize a person as an individual with a name and identity. And these individuals are to be respected as precious human beings and need to be treated right and have opportunities available for them.

Welcome to serve and walk with these people here in the US, in our streets, and in Africa, wherever they are, to stand with them, to love on them, to treat them with dignity and respect as unique creations of the Almighty God. One day we all will stand before Him regardless of our social status, riches we have but with to answer how we treated our fellow humans including these ones.

I would like to invite you to join us with your talents, contribution, prayer, and love for humanity regardless of their background.  

Thank you and God bless you for joining us in this challenging but adventurous journey to see a transformed life and community.


Yene Wolteji

Founder and CEO of BII


Welcome to Bridging!

Our Mission is to provide holistic and integrated services that address the diverse needs of vulnerable individuals and families experiencing instability as a result of domestic violence and/or homelessness, guiding them towards sustainable transitions.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Bridging dedicated people and organizations to the marginalized to transform one life at a time.

Our Strategic Plan

Domestic Violence Shelter

- Transforming from integrated services for underserved

BII new mission

Internal Customer (Guest)

via Domestic Violence channels (HMIS, SSF) via community partners

Aligned Partners

Community resources

County services

BII's Brand

Bridging Initiatives International




Funding Donations Grants

Resources: Housing, Community Resources, Skills Training for successful transition


Get survivors off the street

Shelter more customers and transition to stable housing

Connect customers to resources

We are immensely grateful to the Kaiser Permanente Skill-a-Thon team for providing us with the opportunity to work on this strategic plan. Their meticulous and outstanding work has resulted in a comprehensive three-year strategic plan for us. While we've only shared a brief highlight here, the detailed plan they've crafted is a robust foundation for us to develop specific action plans for each item. A heartfelt thank you to the incredible team dedicated to our project.

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