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The Homeless Young Man

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Abera was living in the street of Addis Abeba, migrated from his village to the city for a better opportunity. He managed to get a 3rd-grade driving license which will enable him to drive commercial vehicles to transport people in the city. However, no one wants to employ him because he doesn’t have referrals, no family, no connection, no relative to help him get a job. In the village, everyone knows everybody, but in the city, without any connection he had to survive in the street with people in a similar situation. In one of the Christmas meal we organized for the street people, more than 100 people showed up. After a message of encouragement, we served them a meal. After the meal, he came to me and said “if you do what you said, help me to get a job. I have no one to refer me, no one trusts me to give me a job” This was a challenge for me, but I gave him an appointment to come back and check with me. I promised to do what I can. I shared the challenge with my husband, he offered him a daily work from his office. Abera was happening to be a hard-working, trustworthy, and intelligent person. Quickly he was promoted, today he is living a good life married and providing for his family from the fruit of his work and with dignity.

Yene Wolteji

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