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The Woman and Her Infant Child in the Church

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Zelekech came to the church where I used to be a member. In one Sunday service, she was sitting by my side, she was so dirty, her infant child was so dirty. I suffered from the small and couldn’t concentrate on the worship service that day. I decided to help her with some diapers to help her clean when she comes to church. I followed her outside after the church service and asked her to come to my house to give her what I was thinking of solving the problem. When she came, I served her with lunch and sat with her to hear her story. Said she had a husband who was a breadwinner from construction work, fell by accident while working, and died, the job was based on daily pay and with no insurance or provision. She left with nothing and was pregnant when this happened, after giving birth to her child, she starved, no food no family to help her. She was migrated to the city from a rural village following her husband. One day a lady in the neighborhood gave her a little money for food, she decided to buy some poison chemicals to kill herself. She bought and prepared the stuff to drink, while waiting to mix well, she fell asleep and saw a dream. In her dream a person with a white rob came to her and told her to dump the stuff and go to church, that she will get help. She was not a believer, but she asked around and came to our church. That was the day she sat by my side in the church. Her story changed my entire life and helped me to see daily encounter is always an assignment. From that day on, I take seriously all my encounters with people and try to seek the divine connection.

Yene Wolteji

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